Cihangir Tezcan, Doç. Dr.

Graduate School of Informatics, Department of Cyber Security

Room: A-219, Phone: 3789, Email: cihangir[at]

Araştırma Alanları:

Cyber security and information systems, cryptography, cryptanalysis, wireless communications security, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, parallel computing, randomness, number theory, algebraic geometry

Executive Board:

Elif Uysal, Prof. Dr.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Room: D219, Phone: 2318, Email: uelif[at]

Araştırma Alanları:

  • Information Freshness and Semantic Communications in Networked Systems, in particular:
    • Link and transport layer scheduling with respect to data freshness measures, e.g. AoI, QAoI
    • Age-aware random access with applications to LoRaWAN and Satellite IoT
    • Joint channel encoding and queue management for real time/massive machine type communications in 5G and 6G
  • Energy efficient/enegy-neutral communication
    • Optimal resource allocation in energy harvesting communication systems
    • Implementation of energy harvesting communication systems

Şeyda Ertekin, Doç. Dr.

Computer Engineering

Room: B108, Phone: 5594, Email: seyda[at]

Araştırma Alanları:

Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Information Retrieval, Data Analytics for Decision Making, Crowdsourcing

Barbaros Yet, Doç. Dr.

Graduate School of Informatics, Department of Cognitive Science

Room: A-224, Phone: 3750, Email: byet[at]

Araştırma Alanları:

Bayesian Networks, Decision Support, Model-Based Machine Learning, Probabilistic Programming, Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Hande Alemdar, Doç. Dr.

Computer Engineering

Room: B106, Phone: 5591, Email: alemdar[at]

Araştırma Alanları:

Data Science, Big data analytics, Machine Learning

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